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  • Tough Love.

    Tough Love.

    As usually happens, when people who are interested in your line of work see you have a bit of success, they want to know how it happened. It’s hard to imagine how a big leap like this takes place. Find out what question I get asked the most and why it annoys me.

  • The Value of Feeling Inadequate – Jumping Into the Deep End

    The Value of Feeling Inadequate – Jumping Into the Deep End

    I can’t talk about the movie I just worked on. Let’s just say it’s a spectacular take on the story of a wooden boy from two directors, one is a certain famous Mexican, coming in December (the trailer is just out). I will talk a bit about the experience of being in a high-level production. […]

  • 2021: lots of growth and my ideal work year

    2021: lots of growth and my ideal work year

    2021 was a challenging year for all of us, and also a year of immense changes. As for me, I believe I had some great growth spurts in all aspects of my life. And I am grateful. Work-wise, I started off 2021 blissfully unemployed after quitting an unfulfilling studio job (I wrote about that here). […]

  • When one door closes…

    When one door closes…

    A month ago I experienced a big rejection. I tried out for a dream job, a big production I had wished for for the past two years. I auditioned… and didn’t get in. I don’t know what the “official” stages of grief are but these were mine: Shock and disbelief Distraction with dinosaur movies Anger […]

  • Back to beautiful (and scary) freelancing

    Back to beautiful (and scary) freelancing

    … and embracing the change and uncertainty that comes with it. So here’s an update: I left the stop motion advertising studio I worked at for two and a half years. I am a free agent now, trying to move back into filmmaking and pushing myself to create my own material too, starting small. So […]

  • Animator during the pandemic

    Animator during the pandemic

    This coronavirus pandemic is hitting hard in the animation industry as well. For some it’s not so bad; in this digital age so many 2D and 3D studios are considering hiring remotely more than ever, rare in Mexico where that just didn’t happen (companies in general don’t seem to trust their workers to do so). […]

  • “See You Soon” on Kickstarter

    “See You Soon” on Kickstarter

    “See You Soon” (original title “Hasta Pronto”) , directed by Jennifer Skarbnik is a beautiful animated short film in a combination of stop motion and two styles of 2D, to be co-produced between Mexico and Poland in which I have the great privilege of animating. With a teaser on the way sampling the three animation […]

  • And the award goes to…

    And the award goes to…

    “Long Live The King” (original title: “Viva el Rey”) directed by Luis Téllez won the Ariel Award 2019 for best animated short film. I worked as the key animator on this project. This film brought me to Guadalajara and opened a lot of doors for me. It was great to work on this alongside many […]