I am Mayrení, a stop motion character animator from the US, living in Mexico and working in both countries.

My most recent work has been on the upcoming tv show In The Know and on Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, both produced by ShadowMachine. Before that I worked on Saurus City (in post-production) and I’ve been a part of several short films in Mexico, two of them winners of the Ariel Award for Best Animated Short Film.

On the side, I’ve always been drawn to movement and have been a contemporary dance enthusiast and pianist for many years. I believe these hobbies have made me a stronger animator through the understanding of body mechanics, expression and rhythm.


Animator“In The Know” (2024)
TV series
Animator“Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” (2022)
Feature film
Animator“Saurus City” (2022)
Feature film (in post-production)
“Claroscurencias” (2020)
Series of short films
Animator“See You Soon”
Short film (in production)
See Teaser
Co-Art Director
“Radiate” (2020)
Music video for the rock band GloryBots
See Video
Animator“House of Memory” (2020)
 [La Casa de la Memoria] short film
Winner Ariel Award 2021 for Best Animated Short Film
Senior Animator“Inzomnia”
Feature film (production paused)
Set Builder
“Afterlife” (2018)
Music video for the rock band GloryBots
See Video
Lead Animator“Long Live The King” (2017)
 [Viva El Rey] short film
Winner Ariel Award 2019 for Best Animated Short Film
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Animator“Waves In The Sky” (2015)
[Olas del Cielo] short film
Winner at XI Monterrey International Film Festival for Best National Animated Short Film
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